Mai Sööt was born in 1983 in Tartu.
2002–2007 studied painting and restoration in Tartu Art College. 2006/2007 studied in Kaunas Art Institute as exchange student.
2007-2010 studied in Tallinn Art Academy fine arts in master studies. Started first with painting and soon changed it into interdisciplinary arts. Her master work “Fasting – tool for art?” was a research about how fasting might influence creation. The practical side of this work ended up in dance performance “Ecstasy” in Polymer Culture factory.
Sööt has been working and experimenting with basis of fine arts - painting, sculpture, video, installation, but last years she has moved forwards performing arts. At the moment she is creating performances, full of visual images, using also her crafts of fine arts. These are small plays, which she performs herself.
She is working with themes of mundane and clerical, embarrassing and sacral, letting sincerity to mutate into self-irony and the opposite.

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